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Q&A with Mechatron, Manufacturer of Large Solar Trackers

December 17, 2014 :

Mechatron-Solar, with headquarters in Redwood City, Calif., is an international manufacturer of large photovoltaic trackers. The company’s single-axis, dual-axis and CPV trackers are designed to maximize performance in any climate and terrain condition. Mechatron’s trackers incorporate patented hydraulic motion mechanisms that offer high rotation accuracy, and the astronomical algorithm of its software platform offers an accurate daily tracking function. We asked Mechatron a few questions about its trackers in the following Q&A.

SPW: Mechatron is relatively new to the United States, but the company has more than 3,500 solar trackers operating in Europe. Why did the company decide to bring its technology to the U.S. now?

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Engineering Turns Trackless Deserts Into Tracking PV Powerhouses

Michael Puttre:
Large-scale Solar projects find trackers a productive and hurdy complement to dessert arrays

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> 4.000 installed trackers
> 90 MW installed capacity
> 900 plants
> 500 EPCs

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