WHO IS mechatron-solar

Mechatron Solar is a leader in photovoltaic plant investments and solutions

Our vision is to develop and produce innovative Solar products

Stockton, CA-based Mechatron Solar is an international commercial and industrial solar project developer that manufactures unique, patented dual-axis photovoltaic trackers, each supporting 90 solar panels. The company’s unusually high-yield trackers have the highest energy density and the lowest ground footprint in the industry. The flagship M18KD tracker is designed to maximize performance in any climate and terrain condition, ranging from open desert to heavy snow, and from geographically constrained sites like carports and wineries, to steep slopes and challenged terrain. Mechatron’s trackers incorporate gearless, hydraulic motion drives that enable extremely high rotational accuracy, enhanced by an advanced astronomical algorithm software platform. The M18KD tracker has demonstrated field-proven 99.97% uptime over the past decade across 90 MW in Europe and in North America.

Mechatron solar trackers include gearless azimuth trackers and gearless dual-axis trackers, which are designed to maximize performance with a lower operations and maintenance cost than other commercially available tracking systems. They have been successfully tested under different climate conditions rate structures constitute the best available solution for photovoltaic plant installation.