WHO IS mechatron-solar

Mechatron Solar is a leader in photovoltaic plant investments and solutions

Our vision is to develop and produce innovative Solar products

Mechatron Solar is a leader in design, development and implementation of technologically advanced products and applications for photovoltaic plants. A company of creative and talented scientists, Mechatron Solar brings together Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Computer Science to provide solar energy solutions to the most challenging industrial situations. Our distinguished participation in Europe in the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) movement gave Mechatron Solar the opportunity to take its innovative sun tracking systems to the international market and gave the company a place on the map of the global energy market.

Mechatron solar trackers include gearless azimuth trackers and gearless dual-axis trackers, which are designed to maximize performance with a lower operations and maintenance cost than other commercially available tracking systems. They have been successfully tested under different climate conditions rate structures constitute the best available solution for photovoltaic plant installation.